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Basement as a Music Room You Will Need a Dehumidifier

Your decision to make the basement your music room could be the most brilliant idea with which you’ve ever come up. Basements offer a quiet and spacious space that is perfect for a music room. This space affords you sufficient tranquility that trigger your creative juices to flow thus you’re able to come up with fantastic lyrics from the comfort of your home. However, most basements tend to be extremely cold and damp thus calling for a dehumidifier to combat the excess humidity.

Signs that you need a Dehumidifier In your Basement


A basement dehumidifier is designed to cope up with low temperatures in addition to being able to switch itself back on following a power outage. The following are some sure-fire signs that you need to invest in a dehumidifier for your basement music room.



  • Mold Growth on the Ceiling or Walls



Moisture problems will often manifest in the corners of the walls or on the ceilings.  Most people do not install fans in their basements, and hence the steam and humidity are not diverted outside. This ultimately leads to mold growth, which might, in turn, affect your musical instruments. Also, since you’re spending a lot of time in this room, you might develop health problems like respiratory issues and allergies. Note that you don’t have to see the mold to prove its presence; it is somewhere and to be on the safer side, grab a dehumidifier.

  • Musty Odor


The presence of musty smell in your basement music room is a surefire indicator of the presence of mold or mildew.  Mold not only produces an extremely repulsive odor, but it could also be detrimental to your health and a threat to the structural integrity of your home. A dehumidifier will help to get rid of the excess moisture that encourages fungus infestation. However, this solution is ineffective on its own, and thus you need to investigate to establish the root cause of the problem. For instance, you might be having improper window seals or construction issues that could be causing groundwater seepage.



  • Reoccurring Run-off Wetness



Be keen to note any recurring spring groundwater dampness. Sometimes, you could be setting up your music room and notice a greyish or white water level marks on the basement walls. That’s an indicator that your basement is overly moist and requires dehumidifying.


Benefits of Having a Basement Dehumidifier


If you notice the above signs including constant sogginess and mold in the basement, you shouldn’t wait until the excess humidity damages your albums, guitars, and worst of all affects your health. It’s time to install a basement dehumidifier. This investment is well worth your money as it will help you in the following ways.


  • Protecting the Basement


Dampness and mold can really do a number on the walls and ceilings. By using a dehumidifier, you will be able to control the moisture levels in the basement hence preventing any potential damage. Though the damage can look minor at the beginning such as peeling paint, over time, it can be a real nightmare and compromise the structural integrity of your music space.



  • Preserving your Musical Instruments and Investment



Installing a basement dehumidifier is an excellent way of protecting your expensive musical equipment. Dampness can destroy your albums, guitars, piano, and work-related crucial documents. While you will need to commit some good dollars to get a good basement dehumidifier, it will ultimately prove to be worth your while by taking care of your wallet. This is achieved by saving you money you’d otherwise spend on expensive structural repairs and replacing your damaged equipment. Besides, investing in a basement dehumidifier eliminates the need to buy an air conditioner, which in the long run implies lower electricity bills.


  • Protects your Health


This is arguably the most compelling reason for rushing to get a dehumidifier for your basement and not the humidifier. Nothing beats the importance of protecting your health and that of any other person who frequently visits the basement music room. Extremely humid environments can be pretty harmful to your health by causing respiratory complications like asthma. Moreover, mildew spores are notorious for causing allergic reactions, and black mold can lead to serious illnesses or even toxicity. Molds are also capable of compromising the appearance of the room, and a music space should always be appealing.


  • Can enhance your happiness


Apart from the passion that drives you to music and its learning; you probably do it because it brings you immense happiness. Such bliss can only be achieved in a cool, tranquil environment. When humidity is excessively high, the room will become clammy and muggy. Sometimes, you might detect a musty, repulsive smell. This is definitely not a conducive environment for work and play. Luckily, a dehumidifier will come to the rescue and make the space comfortable and safe again.




Making the basement your music room will be an excellent idea since it’s often quiet and far from distractions. However, sometimes you might detect musty smells or signs of mold growth, which can be really uncomfortable not to mention unhealthy. Get a dehumidifier today to effectively get rid of the excess moisture that can potentially damage your musical instruments and your health.

5 Tech Trends that will overturn the Music Industry

Modern Technology overturning the Music Industry

Technology continues to revolutionize different industries, and that includes music. Modern technology has made people find easier and better ways of listening to music. It has also improved the relationship between artists and their fans. One of the most significant musical changes is the separation of visual and acoustic musical aspects. Such an evolution indicates that the music industry is not about to tumble down anytime soon. Most likely, it will keep improving and soaring year after year. History has given us evidence of that and much more.


Website design in the music industry

Musicians need to go an extra mile to keep their audiences entertained due to the fierce competition. Each artist strives to be unique since there are so many upcoming artists looking to steal their spotlight. For that reason, technologies such as website design has become instrumental in targeting the mammoth audience that spends a lot of their time on the internet.

Today, it is not uncommon to find artists having websites. It is an easy way of interacting with fans and informing them of the latest updates including concerts, tours among other projects. With proper website design, artists can have their websites as an extension of their personality. For an artist, it is essential to make their website creative and informative at the same time to make it more interesting to the audience.

Getting website designed by professionals will make sure the music industry related themes are incorporated along with ensuring that the website becomes an extension of artist personality. Since, professionals can ensure latest tech trends are incorporated into the website.


Recent changes in the music industry

There are significant changes that have taken place in the music industry over the past few decades. Initially, people would find out about new artists through the radio. However, with increased websites and digital distribution services, radios and CDs have been rendered almost completely obsolete. Their market has deteriorated due to the availability of streaming services and downloads. Recent changes in website design have also made it possible for you to download your favorite music from an artists’ website.


Tech trends that will change the music industry

After some time, players in the music industry have realized that they need to change their stance or risk losing their share of the market. Initial threats like websites are now being used to bring music to the masses. While technology keeps evolving, we can only expect the music industry to keep getting better. There is no accurate prediction about what is expected to happen.


However, here are 5 tech trends that are expected to change the music industry.

  • Live music

Live musical performances will continue being popular. Live concerts account for a large share of revenue in the market. To enhance the audience experience, there will be advancements made in equipment used to improve the audio quality.

  • Digitization of music

The internet will be a popular tool when it comes to music distribution in music industry. Currently, people are more interested in the accessibility of music whenever they want and wherever they are. The internet is a major distributor of music. In the future, we will see an increase in the number of streaming technology services like Spotify, apple music, YouTube, and others.

There will be more ways to access music including through the use of websites, virtual reality, and social networks. Website design advancements will make it possible to integrate all these things. Copyright laws will need to be revised to include all these innovations. It will also give artists more ways of earning revenue.

  • Better discovery of music

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will change the discovery of new music. To improve user experience, there are technologies being employed to improve the quality of music that reaches users. Customers are very selective when it comes to music, and if you want to stay ahead of the game as an artist, you might need to make a few changes.

Studies like JMTE explores the issues concerning the use of technology in music education which can assist in understanding more on the subject. Big data combines artificial intelligence with machine learning algorithms that study the customer’s previous purchases, social media behavior and song searches to determine the best music that suits their taste. By using these features, you will now discover new talent in your preferred genre faster.

  • Playlist personalization

With all the music available, it can be difficult to choose what you want to listen to. Instead of having to do hundreds of searches to make a playlist, there are services that have ready-made playlists you can modify to suit your preferences. There are different factors used to analyze the music to predict what you might like.


  • Blockchain

The era of blockchain is now, and industries are trying to use this new technology in all possible ways. There will be musical platforms being built on blockchain technology. The decentralization of music has several benefits for both consumers and artists. It will enable artists to sell their music directly to their fans eliminating the need to use middlemen like records and centralized platforms.

Decentralized entertainment is already taking root with SingularDTV offering you a chance to have a share of the intellectual property and revenue of the artists you like through the purchase of tokens. DApps are also creating a direct link from the artists to their fans.

The use of decentralized systems will give the music industry back to the original creators. The creators will connect, market and sell their music directly to their fan base.

Website is a huge factor when it comes to advancements in the musical industry. The recent improvements being made in the industry can be said to be stepping forward in reaching its full potential. The big question now is when all these advancements will be made. Technologies come and go, and websites will keep evolving. Seeing all these changes happening is something you can look out for.